Sewer Cleaning: What to Expect

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Want to know what to expect when cleaning your sewer? Check out our guide to cleaning a sewer, including tips on where to clean it and what to bring with you.

When it comes to your home’s plumbing system, most of us take for granted the fact that it’s constantly working to eliminate waste and excess water. But while we might not think about it much, the truth is that our homes have a lot of hidden plumbing -- from sinks to laundry rooms, drainpipes pass through walls and yards everywhere.

All these pipes connect to a network of underground sewage pipes known as your home’s waste system. These pipes are usually located under your lawn or driveway, and they're responsible for carrying waste water away from your house and toward a treatment plant where it can be treated and used for other applications.

What does a sewer line cleaning service entail?

If you’ve set up an appointment with your local sewer cleaning service, you’ve likely noticed that the company doesn’t advertise what exactly they do during a sewer cleaning service. The best way to find out whether they’ll be cleaning your sewer line is to ask what their scope of work will be during an initial consultation. Typically, a sewer line cleaning service will consist of the following steps:

  • Inspecting the pipes under your yard to identify the ones that feed into your sewer system.
  • Clearing out any debris in the pipes using a machine known as a “snake.”
  • Using a “camera inspection” technique to identify any defects in your sewer pipes.
  • Replacing sections of pipes that are damaged or have become deteriorated from extensive years of use.

Before you hire a professional

Before you sign a contract with a drain cleaning service, you should probably do a bit of research and make sure you’re hiring someone who is licensed and insured to work on your pipes. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the company employs workers who are knowledgeable in handling sewer lines.

Ideally, your drain cleaning service should be able to provide you with information about how often they typically clean sewer lines and what they charge. You should also ask how long they’ve been working in your area and how long they’ve been in business.

After the job is done

Like with any clean-up job, it’s a good idea to wear rubber boots or sturdy tennis shoes when walking on the ground where the cleaning service has been working. You should also ensure that any children or pets in the house are kept away from the area until the job is done.

Once everything is cleaned up, you’ll need to check the area to make sure there are no leaks or damage. If there are any issues, you can call your drain cleaning service and ask what needs to be done to repair them.


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