Bathroom Renovation: What to Expect

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Wondering what to expect when renovating your bathroom? Check out our guide to bathroom renovation, including what to expect during the planning phase and on-site installation.

When planning a renovation, it’s almost impossible to know what will come of the process. A change in layout might turn an outdated space obsolete, or a simple patchwork job could give your home new life. Regardless of the project, it’s important to keep in mind what renovations entail and how much time and money they might require.

When renovating your bathroom, for example, there are many things you should consider. Even if you’ve never done an overhaul before, you won’t be left without resources once you get started. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect when renovating your bathroom.

What to expect when renovating a bathroom

When starting a bathroom renovation, you’ll have a lot of questions about the process. What kind of fixtures should go in the new space? What materials should you use? How will the renovation impact your daily life?

There are a few things to consider before placing an order with a contractor. Whether you’re doing a complete overhaul or simply adding a new feature, you need to know what to expect. Below, we’ll cover what to expect when renovating a bathroom, including how much time the task will take, the steps involved, and more. We’ll also take a look at what you can expect for costs.

Know the basics of bathroom renovations

While it’s important to know the ins and outs of bathroom renovations, you don’t have to be a professional to get the job done. A little experience and common sense are all you need to know what’s involved in a bathroom renovation. There are a few key areas to focus on during a bathroom renovation:

  • The layout of the bathroom - The layout will dictate where specific things go so it is important to keep in mind where essential things are located. For example, where are the pipes located that are bringing the water in and out of the space? Will you need to install an exhaust fan in the ceiling or does the space already come with that set? While the layout can most certainly change in a re-design, keeping some of the major elements in the same place will drastically reduce the time and expense of the project.
  • The fixtures in the room - It would look pretty funky if you had black sink faucets, a golden shower head, and a bronze colored tub spout. To create the best space imaginable for your bathroom, you'll want to keep the consistency in the aesthetic and materials that you use for fixtures.
  • The layout of the plumbing and electrical systems - While these systems are common in almost every home, they’re often put off during bathroom renovations. If you want to take advantage of new features without having to worry about an overhaul, you’ll want to keep this in mind.
  • The ease of maintenance and cleaning - As with any renovation, it’s important to keep in mind the ease of maintenance and cleaning. In the long run, this will help you from spending more time dealing with issues than you’d like. Consider materials that are easier to maintain, and consider your lifestyle as well. If you have a house full of kids, dogs, and cats, then an all white bathroom with white grout will probably not be the most conducive area to clean.

Don’t overlook plumbing and electrical work

For those renovating their bathrooms, plumbing and electrical work often get a short shrift. While fixtures in the room may be the focus, these systems are usually a central part of the renovation. If you’re planning on growing your family or planning to renovate again, you’ll want to think about what can go where without uprooting the entire floor plan again. It is your best bet to keep your lights, switches, and all plumbing in the same positioning and only applying new fixtures, new paint, and other aesthetic items to them. The second your new bathroom renovation plan calls for moving an outlet across the room or putting your toilet on the opposite side, you're likely to incur a substantial cost (and time) increase.

Know your tile and substrate options

No matter what type of renovation you’re looking to embark on, you’ll want to take a moment to consider the tile and substrate options for the walls, floor, and other surfaces. Depending on your style, you might want to go with a traditional design, a trendy design, or a design that fits in with other elements in the room. While some renovations may be done to create a brand new look, you might also want to think about what type of style you want to maintain. This can help you decide how to balance style with function.

A prime example of this is whether you are going to use quartz or a laminate countertop when renovating. While the laminate countertop might look nice it is made with less sturdy materials so the chances of deterioration in the future are higher whereas with quartz, granite, and even marble you are looking at utilizing a very expensive material but the upkeep and the durability is much greater.

Balance cost with importance

No matter what type of renovation you’re looking to undertake, it’s important to keep in mind the balance between cost and importance. Because bathroom renovations often take longer than others, you have more flexibility in terms of what you can do. This means you have time to think about how you want the bathroom to look and function. This also means there’s a greater chance you’ll only be able to upgrade the space without completely redoing the entire house.

When it comes to bathroom renovation costs the range could be quite great. For a  bathroom that only has a toilet and sink and is around 20 ft.² you could get away with spending $1000 on the tile, drywall, paint, fixtures, sink vanity, toilet and other elements. However if you are renovating your master bathroom with a double sink vanity, walk-in shower, jacuzzi bath tub and is closer to 75 or 100 ft.² you could be looking at a bathroom renovation of over 10 grand.

Always try to itemize what you are changing in your room to get the best understanding of what the cost might be. If you are handy yourself you are going to be able to save on labor but if you want to ensure that the job is done right it is critical to account for the additional labor charges in the job

Wrapping up

When renovating your bathroom, you’ll want to keep in mind what to expect. Whether you’re looking to completely overhaul your bathroom or simply add a new feature, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. Knowing the basics of bathroom renovations means you can start planning with ease. With what to expect when renovating a bathroom and what you should keep in mind, your renovation will go smoother than before.

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