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Property maintenance

Property maintenance is an issue of paramount importance to owners and managers of both residential and commercial properties. Time often works against us and our things. Maintaining your property regularly will help to prevent it from wearing out. Our maintenance services helps you to keep your property running smoothly and efficiently. Maintenance issues can include the following: power-washing the exterior, painting inside and out, changing the filters and conducting an annual service on your HVAC.

You should inspect your home, rental property or business at least annually. You should develop a list of possible maintenance and repair issues and prioritize them according to your goals and objectives. Finally, you should develop a plan of action to repair and maintain your property in keeping with the needs that you identify. By approaching your maintenance and repair needs in this way, you will keep your property secure and operating efficiently. We recommend that this process be followed once each year. Your Hire Handy handyman will be happy to assist you in preparing these documents. Just call today to set up an appointment.

When conducting the inspection of your property, you should develop a checklist that you can re-use each year. The checklist should include things like evidence of water leaks, cracks in the exterior, broken glass, missing shingles, cracked or peeling paint, mold, mildew or algae growing on your siding and many other things. Addressing each of these issues on a timely basis not only reduces your future expenses but also maintains a higher value for your property.

Restoring an old deck. Re-screwing old deck boards and applying a new coat of stain. Huddleston, VA.

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