Repairing fascia on a commercial property in Lynchburg, VA

Welcome to Hire Handy, a handyman service!

Years of experience in maintenance and repairs have brought Hire Handy to serve the Greater Lynchburg area. Beginning in 2015, Hire Handy was formed to provide handyman services to the general public. Hire Handy is a handyman service that is meeting the needs of both residential and commercial property owners and managers throughout the City of Lynchburg, Campbell County, Bedford County, Amherst County, Appomattox County and Pittsylvania County.

Why a handyman service?

You own a home or business. You know how often somethings breaks, gets damaged or otherwise needs maintenance. It happens all of the time. It is a well proven fact that frequent preventative maintenance can extend the life of equipment, putting off expensive repairs for months or even years. However, we don’t often think about how true this is for the buildings that we live and work in.

Something broke and now you have to decide who to call. An electrical outlet stopped working or the kitchen faucet started leaking. You immediately decided to call an electrician or a plumber, and you should. It is always a good decision to call a well-qualified professional. When you need your deck repaired, you can call a builder. When you need your wall patched, you can call a drywall installer. The problem that most homeowners (and business owners) encounter is that these professionals are often busy. They frequently don’t have the time or the resources to help out with our smaller jobs.

Enter the handyman pros.

A handyman has often been thought of as a “jack of all trades.” He (or she) was often that person in your family or neighborhood that would tackle any problem and find a solution. However, in our fast-changing world, we often don’t have the relationships that make these connections a viable option. So, we turn to our online world of social media and search engines. We look for real options with real-life reviews by real people.

We may need to install a smoke detector, change an electrical outlet, fix the leaky faucet in the sink, patch and re-paint the hole in the drywall or wash the exterior of the house. You want (and often expect) to find someone that can do each of these things. You probably don’t want to hire six different guys. We also expect that each task will be done well.  Expecting a handyman to behave and perform professionally is reasonable and appropriate. You don’t hire a handyman because you want inferior results.

Paying Professionals

What should you be willing to pay a handyman? When you hired your brother-in-law to fix the ceiling, you bought him lunch and he was happy. There is a marked difference between hiring a family member and hiring a professional.